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Hi, blog world!

26 Aug

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now. I’ve been following several (does “several” extend to about 100??) for a couple of years now and am obsessed. It’s so inspiring seeing what others create and I can’t get enough of my favorite blogs’ humor. Anyways, I love to create things and more than that, I love to talk and share my usually unwanted opinions. I want to have a place I can share my ideas, show off my creations, and maybe give one or two people a smile here and there! I find humor daily in life’s situations and, in a mostly kind-hearted way, am constantly making fun of life. I’m a single lady with no kids and don’t have a lot to craft for so I’m hoping blogging about it will help give me a reason to craft. As if I needed one, but whatever. I doubt anyone wants to hear my problems, but I’m hoping this can become a journal of sorts. I have a few projects in the works so I’m hoping I can start a real “first post” with one of those soon! And by “in the works,” I mean I got an idea, spent my day off shopping getting materials, then came home too tired to do anything else and now the supplies are hanging out. Take this scenario and multiply it by 10 and you have my typical “in the works.” So cheers! and here’s to hopefully having more than 5 followers one day! ❤

 “If your dreams don’t terrify you, they aren’t big enough.”